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May 12, 2006

Vol. 2, Issue 2

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Note from Beth

Good Afternoon!

This month I am focusing on the power of the press and the fact that you just never know when a great news opportunity will fall into your lap. When your making a purchase or growing your business, remember to be yourself. You just never know where the next great opportunity will be!

See you next month!


Beth Silver

Beth Silver (AKA Beth Pilchik) on NBC's "Today!"

by Beth Silver

On May 3rd, 2006, my son Miles and I were interviewed by Lisa Daniels of NBC News for the "Today" show. Yes, we are going to be on the "Today" show! I wish I could say it was for my brilliant marketing capabilities, but in fact its because I ordered Mommy Business Cards. Mommy Business Cards are cards that have my personal contact information so that when I meet other moms around the city, I can give them my number. It's networking for mom's where the goal is not a sale but maybe coffee or a play date.

Up until ordering the cards, the only card I had was my Doubet Consulting business card. On that card, I use maiden name of Silver. Now that Miles is born and I am meeting other moms, I really thought writing my name and number on a piece of paper was not efficient and explaining that my real last name was Pilchik was a bit confusing. When my friend Adar Gurvitch of Steadfast Telecommunications showed me that she had put her personal information on a card, I knew that was my solution.

Miles' Mommy business card

With the power of Google, I found and ordered the cards. My card says, "Miles' Mommy" and has all the details anyone would need if they wanted to make a play date with me. (Yes at 3 months, the dating has begun.)

When NBC heard about these cards, they contacted Elaine at Elaine gave NBC my name and they contacted me. On Wednesday, May 17th in the 9:00 am hour, I hope you will join me as my son Miles, my friends and their kids and I make our debut on "Today."

If you would like to order Mommy, Daddy or even Nanny Cards, check out Elaine's site at

If I knew having a son would get me on the "Today," I would have had one years ago. (Just kidding.)

I hope you all enjoy the piece!

Update on a Featured Network Partner: Lisa Hendrickson

In the past, I have spoken about Lisa Hendrickson of Hendrickson Custom Cabinetry (HCC). As you may recall, Lisa and her husband Felix are extremely talented and their business is now reaping the benefits of everyone learning about who they are. Last year, HCC won a grant from the Bronx Overall Economic Development Corporation. After working on a grant with City of New York's Small Business Services agency, The New York Times wrote a wonderful article about Hendrickson Custom Cabinetry. I can't tell you how cool it is to sit with your family for brunch on a Sunday morning and see strangers at the table next to you reading about someone you know and like!

Then HCC was invited to have lunch with Former President Bill Clinton. Yes, Lisa and Felix broke bread and even gave the Former President an HCC T-Shirt and cutting board with HCC's own brand. After the lunch they were invited to the attend Inc. 500 conference in Savannah as guests of the Clinton Foundation. When Lisa returned from the conference, she learned that NY1, a 24 hour news channel in New York City was going to do a story on them. The greatest thing for Lisa and Felix is that they have not really focused on PR. They just started working to grow their business and the media thought their story was was a great one!

If you would like to discuss how your business can begin to think about using public relations to your benefit, Doubet can help.

Lisa Hendrickson portrait

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