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October 26, 2005

Vol. 1, Issue 8

Published the third or fourth week of every month.

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Note from Beth

Dear Friend,

During the autumn, the papers seem to pile up on my desk like the leaves beneath a big oak tree. I cannot believe it's nearly Halloween! A colleague and I are giving a presentation on October 31st and have joked that we should go as Batman and Robin (as our client refers to us at the Dynamic Duo). I don't think the discussionís parameters will allow us to pull that off, but as long as I keep some candy in my bag, I'm confident the meeting should go well.

I am extremely excited to announce that the media/public relations service that Doubet launched in early January has yielded some amazing results this month. I offer this service as a way to introduce my clients to media/public relations and to position them more strongly in their markets. When my clients are ready and have the necessary budgets, I transition them to larger agencies.

Our media/public relation's efforts have resulted in feature articles about Colleen Molter of QED National in Entrepreneur and Black IT Professional magazines. We also helped Rinat Lavi, of Rinat Lavi Interior Designs, by creating a profile which was published in House Beautiful in connection with that publicationís awards for the Top Designer under 40.

My article this month will feature how business owners and entrepreneurs can look at a media/public relations campaign for themselves. I'm delighted to note, too, that our featured network partner is Andrew Boardman of MANOVERBOARD. Frankly, without Andrew, you would not receive this newsletter each month.

I look forward to hearing from you. See you in November!

- Beth

Beth Silver

Feature Article:
It's the Story, Not the Size of Your Business!

By Beth Silver

Have you ever wondered why companies less established than yours receive better press than you? Well, the answer may be simple: they get publicity out there now while you're waiting to grow before making your move. As an entrepreneur or business owner, you need to be realistic about your business, time, budgets, and marketing efforts, but if you think about your business objectively for a moment, you may have a story that an editor/journalist is looking for right now—no matter what size your firm is.

The following tips will help you begin exploring PR opportunities to widen your reach.

1. Know what public relations is.

Public relations is simply the relationship your organization has with the outside world, which includes everyone—friends, relatives, customers, future prospects, competitors, and employees, if you have any. While the relationship you create with your public can have a profound effect on your business, please be aware that all of these people will not immediately make a purchasing decision or change their mind if they only see something once. With public relations, you must be consistent with your message and your actions.

2. Know what public relations is not.

PR is not advertising. The purpose of PR is to inform the public about news and events. You are not selling; you are providing tidbits of information that you are hoping an editor or journalist will see and use for their stories. Editors and journalists hate hearing about promotional offers, for example, so if you have one, consider using advertising instead of PR as your marketing vehicle. Don't waste a great potential relationship with an editor or journalist in hopes of publicizing a quick promotion. If you do, these professionals will ignore you when you do have real news to report.

3. Have a plan and an angle.

No matter what business you're in, if you do not have a marketing or PR plan, you will find business more difficult to obtain—and you will probably annoy many editors along the way, too. If you are someone who rushes into things and needs to see immediate results, then publicity is not the right medium for you. Realize that magazines and newspapers have strict editorial calendars, deadlines, and space limitations to respect and they often develop their stories over the course of several months. Also, newspapers and magazines have to report important news stories, which often moves planned stories aside. Keep these parameters in mind as you create your marketing and PR plan. In addition, make sure your publicity has a clear angle of interest to the publication's readers. If it doesn't, the editor will probably push it aside. In other words, remember your target market. In this case, it is the readers of that particular publication. Highlight news angles that appeal to their interests. Businesses use Doubet to achieve effective PR to leverage their assets, identify and pitch stories, and showcase their expertise.

Creating a PR plan will ensure that you enhance your business by creating well-received stories, by publicizing your news in the proper format and within the time frame of the publications and ultimately, by establishing strong relationships with the media.

4. Be respectful of an editor's timing requirements.

Timing is vital. Don't submit a press release on Monday for an event your business is sponsoring on Tuesday. Editors will ignore you. If a newsworthy occurrence comes out after your event that creates a nice tie-in to your business, that's OK—your press release can at least mention that your event happened.

If you do want to publicize a newsworthy story linked to your business, make sure you do it early enough so the media can react within their time frame. When contacting media professionals, ask what their deadline is. Never ask when your story will run.


At Doubet, I strategize with clients on public relations so that they can formulate relationships with their public and grow their business. If you would like to see what publicity angles you and your firm may be able to maximize, feel free to give me a call. PR is a lot of fun—when you do it right. I look forward to seeing you all in the media in the upcoming months!


Featured Partner:
Andrew Boardman

This month, Andrew Boardman of MANOVERBOARD is my featured network partner. MANOVERBOARD is a design firm that specializes in website design, corporate branding, newsletter production, and more. I first met Andrew over two years ago, when I was revising my logo and creating my website. Since our first conversation, Andrew has provided me with peace of mind, which is ironic given that the name of his company is MANOVERBOARD.

In all seriousness, Andrew has become a friend as well as an integral part of my business practices. He works with me on my logos, website, and newsletter; in fact, without him, you would not receive the Target Advocate each month. What really draws me to Andrew and his team is their competence. They listen to me and understand what I am looking for, and have a genuine desire to help me. When I was having an issue with a client's website, for example, I called Andrew for technical assistance because I knew he would provide the facts that we were not getting from the clientís current designer.

Andrew and his team works with many different size companies with their online and offline branding initiatives. If you have visited the websites of Barneys New York, TeachersCount, The Tapestry Group, or Stonewater Control Systems, you have seen his work.

A few months ago, Andrew called to tell me that he was expanding his business to Canada and relocating there. Although, we donít get to have in person meetings as often as we'd like, Andrew's comprehensive expertise is always only a phone call away. With that said, Andrew and I deepened our commitment to continue working together no matter where he's based. And, happily, his wonderful family has finally received their furniture and is beginning to unpack.

To learn more about Andrew and MANOVERBOARD, please visit You may contact Andrew directly at 718-809-2085 and

Andrew Boardman

Additional Resources for Gaining Publicity



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