Rubbish Exhibits at Startup Grind Global Conference

Tomorrow, Rubbish will be exhibiting at Startup Grind Global Conference.  In addition to exhibiting at the conference, Rubbish will be working with Startup Grind and the Fox Theater Team to extend their sustainability initiatives by placing QR codes in bathrooms and on trash bins throughout the conference so attendees may alert staff of maintenance needs. The Rubbish team’s event maintenance program will provide the Fox Theater Team with valuable insights to help with future event planning and litter management strategy. 
The Rubbish platform empowers businesses and neighborhoods to tackle litter at the local level by utilizing the Rubbish iOS app, eye-catching, the patent-pending Rubbish Beam, and data science. The app photographs and categorizes liter by type and location, allowing us to build maps of litter trends to implement solutions and create litter-free communities.
Startup Grind’s influx of entrepreneurs will share a lot of innovative ideas and any litter left behind will be mapped, tracked, and picked up to provide the Fox Theater Team with valuable insights for this event and to help them plan to be more sustainable for future events.
Co-founders Emin Israfil and Elena Guberman bring a combined wealth of knowledge building advanced technologies, growing brands, and companies that create value to consumers worldwide. Both are serial entrepreneurs; Emin developed apps used by millions for brands such as JetBlue and Cheap-O-Air. Elena has spent her career in operations and supply chain, scaling food and beverage brands that are on the shelves of Whole Foods, Target, and Walmart.  They are fantastic!
Rubbish was featured at WWDC 2019 for the apps innovative Machine Learning components and in Google’s”(How Firebase helps Rubbish clean up San Francisco.) People are taking notice of Rubbish and its urban sustainability platform that’s enabling everyone to help keep their cities and community clean.
I wish them well tomorrow and thank them for including me on their team! Who knew litter could be so interesting!

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