107 Ways to Leverage Your Small Business

graphic-107ways107 Ways to Leverage Your Small Business Through Marketing and Public Relations

Like many business owners, you may be doing the daily balancing act of reviewing the big picture while also handling those crucial details such as effectively describing what your firm does. It can be easy to lose track of maintaining your presence out in the world.

This booklet gives you bite-sized suggestions for planning and implementing your marketing strategy.

Doubet has worked with many companies just like yours. The contents of this booklet are a direct result of those hands-on experiences.



Check out ‘The Box’ This Weekend!

I have been working on this project and thought if anyone was in Brooklyn, they may find it of interest. When I think of this project, I always wonder, how many women will test positive just by entering “The Box?”

“The Box,” a socially-conscious, collaborative, public art installation created by Artist Ryan Cronin of CronArtUSA, alongside Go Doc Go Founder Maggie Carpenter, MD. Part self-collection space, part art space will be on display TODAY Saturday, May 12th from 12pm to 5pm at Old Stone House in Park Slope Brooklyn.

“The Box” is a privacy booth installed in a public location that gives women a safe place to independently swab a sample to be tested for the HPV virus, the leading cause of cervical cancer. No exam is necessary. Though too early in the sampling process to provide conclusive data, at past installations, CronArtUSA and Go Doc Go found that 1 in 8 women who self-swabbed in “The Box” tested positive for HPV.

‘“The Box” serves women who do not have health insurance, who dread a pap smear; who are afraid to go to the doctor; and who put everyone and everything before themselves,” In essence, they are raising awareness for self-care, HPV testing, and challenging our current approach to healthcare in the United States, one that can feel so unwelcoming and intimidating.

This one-day event will provide a safe place where participants, ages 30 to 65, can privately circumvent the traditional, in-person pap smear method to screen for cervical cancer. The self-collected sample to be screened for the HPV virus, a leading cause of cervical cancer. (Women under this age range test positive for the virus and at 30 can be tested to know if their bodies have cleared the virus.)

As with all cancers, early detection is instrumental in preventing the development of cervical cancer. I am posting this solely for the fact I think its interesting and I believe in early detection of anything.

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