Bringing Passion to Every Project

Doubet Consulting works with entrepreneurs and small businesses on marketing, PR, and strategy-related projects. Under the management of Beth Silver Pilchik, Doubet Consulting serves both business and consumer-focused clients in the public and private sectors; offering marketing, management, brand strategy, business development, and public relations expertise. Whether in meeting short-term objectives or long-term goals, Doubet Consulting brings its expertise, passion, and creativity to every project.

Based in New York City, we offer a full range of marketing, business, and public relations services which include: consulting, strategic planning, marketing communication, public and media relations, branding, web development, networking and social media marketing and management

In addition to helping businesses with strategies for success, Beth has gained noteworthy expertise as a special needs parent. She often helps families as they are figuring out the right path for their child. She also works with businesses focusing on children with special needs.

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