Small Business

With over 20  years of experience in helping small businesses grow and expand their potential, Doubt Consulting works with entrepreneurs and small businesses on marketing, PR, and strategy-related projects.

Our clients include privately held and public businesses (0-1000+ employees) in the profit and not-for-profit space. While we work with all sized companies, we particularly enjoy working with small and mid-sized companies.

Whether it’s marketing, public relations or business related, Doubet Consulting’s approach is simple: We are your ‘Target Advocates’  who evaluate the DNA of your company and see what needs to be strengthened so that your customers remain loyal.

We don’t just think about your marketing, we think about your entire business and are always looking to bring you synergies and introductions.

We instinctively look at how can we define and articulate your company’s core brand values so that it is known and recognized by your target audience; increase your company’s visibility and raise awareness about your products or services; and develop strategies that will help impact the growth of your business. At Doubet Consulting,  it’s all about understanding YOUR company and how we can help grow and strengthen your business and brand.