Marketing / Public Relations / Strategy

Outsourced Small Business CMO & Target Advocate

Doubet Consulting specializes in crafting effective marketing and public relations strategies for entrepreneurs, and small to mid-sized business companies to create a brand which is both seen and heard. As an outsourced CMO and 'Target Advocate', we personally evaluate your business and develop a strategic marketing plan that enhances YOUR Company's value proposition while increasing revenues.

Empowering Your Small Business: Marketing / PR / Strategy

Doubet offers a full range of marketing, business and public relations services which include: consulting, strategic planning, marketing communication, public and media relations, branding, web development, networking and social media marketing and management.

Whether on a project, retainer, or per-diem basis, business owners turn to us as we become "brand ambassadors" who enthusiastically promote and communicate their company's vision and goals. And we believe all businesses should receive the highest quality of services, no matter their budgets. We have fun working with our clients, and they know it! We love helping companies improve their sales and our clients appreciate the passion we bring to their business.

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