target advocates.
pipeline sophisticates.

As an outsourced CMO and Publicist, Doubet Consulting serves as your Target Advocate, where we evaluate your small business and develop a strategic marketing and communications plan that enhances YOUR Company’s value proposition by aligning it to YOUR target market.

Based in New York City, with clients nationwide, Doubet Consulting works with entrepreneurs and small businesses on marketing, PR, and strategy-related projects. Beth Silver Pilchik and her team serve both business and consumer-focused clients in the public and private sectors; offering marketing, brand management, strategic planning, business development, marketing communication, web development, networking, social media marketing, media and public relations expertise. Whether in meeting short-term objectives or long-term goals, Doubet Consulting brings its expertise, passion, and creativity to every project.


With a few folds, a brightly-colored square of paper can transform into animals, birds, flowers, and trees.
Typically designs use a single sheet of paper, with no cutting, although some combine multiple squares and extremely complex folds. 

At Doubet Consulting, we help our clients continually push their business’ technical and artistic boundaries.
Curious what new folds we will bring to your business?  Contact us today!


Doubet Consulting’s approach is simple: evaluate the DNA of your small business and see what needs to be strengthened so that your customers remain loyal. Business owners turn to Doubet Consulting as their “brand ambassadors and Target Advocates” who enthusiastically promote and communicate their company’s vision and goals.

We don’t just think about your marketing, we think about your entire business and are always looking to bring you synergies and introductions.

It’s all about understanding YOUR company and how we can help grow and strengthen your business and brand.

We instinctively look at how can we define and articulate your company’s core brand values so that it is known and recognized by your target audience; increase your company’s visibility and raise awareness about your products or services; and develop strategies that will help impact the growth of your business.